SR-22 Auto Insurance

SR-22 and Auto Insurance – Do You Need It?

Most of the insurance companies that we work with will be able to help with SR-22 filings. We choose our insurance partners carefully so you can be sure that our partners buy into our “everyone needs a break” approach and are ready and willing to help, even if you are in need of an SR-22.

What is an SR-22?

In simple terms, an SR-22 is a document that is used to prove financial responsibility.  As most of us know, every state in the Union requires that you carry at least liability insurance which would cover damages you may cause.  Though the minimum limits in each state vary, the principal is the same.  Insurance, in it’s simplest terms, is financial responsibility in that you pay a premium in exchange for an insurance company accepting financial responsibility up to the limits of coverage you purchase.

Why Would an SR-22 Be Needed?

Below are some common scenarios which would lead to a person needing an SR-22 Filing:

  • Being ticketing for driving without insurance
  • DUI
  • Repeated driving violations
  • Suspended insurance

How Long Will a Person Need an SR-22?

Unfortunately, if you require a SR-22 you will likely have to get comfortable with that document for 3 years.  During those 3 years, the requirement is that you must have continuous coverage for a specified amount of time before you will no longer be required to have a formal SR-22.  If you let your insurance policy expire or cancel, your insurance company must notify the your state Department of Insurance that you no longer can show proof of financial responsibility.

SR-22’s are a bit tricky but we are here to help.  As we have mentioned, everyone needs a break at some point.  If you are in a situation in which an SR-22 is required, the best thing you can do is make sure you have a good company behind you, one that understands SR-22’s.  Fortunately, for you, our partner companies can do just that. Reach out today, let us help you!