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About Cheap Insurance Tips

Cheap Insurance Tips (CIT) is an online insurance marketplace in which vast industry relationships are leveraged to connect consumers that are actively shopping for insurance with both insurance agents and insurance companies directly. Shopping for cheaper auto insurance has never been easier, more convenient or as safe as it is today. With over 40 million consumers obtaining auto insurance quotes online every year, shopping for and purchasing auto insurance using the web has never been more popular.

Our form is safe and secure and we only use your information to help you find the best insurance rates possible. No more going to multiple sites and entering the same information multiple times complete one simple form and get matched with the best agents and companies based on your specific needs. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing to save money where we can yet still receive quality service. In fact, it is true that folks that shop around and compare rates save, often up to 30% or more! So, don't wait any longer let Cheap Insurance Tips help you find the best rates and help you find your savings today!

What We Are Up To!

Although Cheap Insurance Tips is in the process of securing licensing as an independent insurance agent in several states, it is not an insurance provider and not currently licensed as an insurance agent. As we begin to secure licensing in various states, we will update our site to reflect our licensing status and will be able to help you even more my not only helping you secure quotes but also write a policy for you in states we will be licensed in. Bookmark us, come back and visit often. We are confident you will enjoy the new services, tips and information you find each time you come back! Best, Your Friends at Cheap Insurance Tips!

Insurance is a Science - at least we think so!