Insurance Partners

Our Valued Insurance Partners

As an independent insurance agency, we have the luxury of being able to quote your business with multiple insurance company and that is what helps us find you the best rates.  We all know that when companies compete for your business, you, as a consumer, ultimately win as this competition is key in helping keep rates competitive.

Choosing the Right Insurance Partners

As we set out to identify insurance companies to partner with, we were specific and deliberate.

  • Specific – our goal was to find insurance companies that would be able to provide the best rates and coverage regardless of your driving background.  Yes, this includes folks that require SR-22’s, have DUI’s and accidents to deal with.  And yes, we also look for companies that can provide great service, from policy changes to claims, right along with competitve rates.
  • Deliberate – Once we identified the companies that we the bill, we went right after it and found that the companies we had on our list were of the same mind as we are, which works out nicely.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we understand that people primarily shop their auto insurance for one main reason – to find savings. We took great care in deciding which companies to work with and are confident that care will pay off for you in the way of finding great coverage at the best rates, regardless of your driving history.

Insurance is a Science - at least we think so!